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Garage Door Service

Garage Door Service

We are fast service providers for outstanding garage door repair services

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Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Openers

Chain, screw and belt drive garage door openers can experience problems with the motor unit and with the trolley. Count on our team for professional services and solutions.

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Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Repair Pinellas Park can take care of all garage door concerns, including broken torsion springs.

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Best Automatic Garage Door Repair 24/7

Get full understanding of garage doors by reading the answers to the common questions on openers, remotes and panels.

How can I replace my old garage door?

If you are considering upgrading your manual garage door to an automatic one, you can contact one of the professionals at Garage Door Repair Pinellas Park for further consultation. Under no circumstances should you try to install this product on your own. An automatic door requires more work and attention due to its electrical system.

When should I unplug the garage door opener?

It is recommended to unplug the garage door opener when you are going on vacation. This can be considered a precautionary measure designed to help you save energy. It will also ensure your safety while staying away from home. As a result, if you garage door opener is unplugged, your house will not be the target of housebreakers.

Am I allowed to paint my glass garage door?

Of course. One of the main advantages of glass garage doors is represented by its versatility. This type of garage door can be painted in various styles and colors. What is more, you can also ask specialists at Garage Door Repair Pinellas Park for a decal.

What’s the difference between chain drive, screw driver, and belt drive?

All are essential components for an effective garage door opener, but each has its advantages. Chain-drive openers give a warning sign when someone gets in the garage. Screw driver openers feature a solid-steel direct drive for increased strength. Belt-drive openers operate with a rubber belt.

Why does my sensor light blink?

The device is not working properly if the sensor lights are blinking. Simply clean the photo lens or realign the apparatus correctly to correct possible malfunction. If the same difficulty occurs, contact our professional technician to resolve the problem immediately. That way, you would know if you have to replace them or not.

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